China opens 7th ring road around Beijing

China’s 7th Ring Road around Beijing to open soon

China’s Capital Region Ring Expressway, a 1,000-kilometre ring road linking Beijing and nearby cities will open soon to vehicles to ease traffic congestion.

The China Daily reported today that the road will also improve regional economic growth.

The new expressway G95 is dubbed the “Seventh Ring Road” of Beijing, even though only 38 km of it goes through Beijing, with another 38 km in Tianjin, while the remaining 924 km runs through Hebei Province.

The section of the new expressway in Beijing aims to attract trucks and other large delivery vehicles from the Sixth Ring Road to the new one, according to Jing Yanhui, deputy general manager of Beijing Capital Ring Expressway Co.

The traffic flow of the new ring expressway in Beijing area is expected to reach 10,000 vehicles per day.

According to a research led by Beijing University of Technology’s Metropolitan Transportation College, around 3,200 trucks passed through Beijing on the Sixth Ring Road every day during the first week of April, accounting for 32 percent of the trucks entering the capital.
Reported by Xinhua