Dubai-based siblings sell cupcakes to raise cash for Kerala flood victims


The flash floods in Kerala had taken over 400 lives and left over a million people displaced from their homes.

Moved by the plight of flood victims in Kerala, two Dubai-based siblings raised an impressive Dh3,000 by selling homemade cupcakes to donate to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. The girls – Krishaana (9) and Miraaya Rajagopalan (7) – from the Safa Community School managed to raise the funds over a period of two weeks.

Speaking to Khaleej Times after sending the money to the fund, parents Nitin Rajagopalan and Megha Kapur said they were extremely proud of their daughters.

“They ended up collecting Dh3,000, which is not a substantial amount, but will certainly go some way in helping those affected by the floods in Kerala,” explained Nitin. The flash floods in Kerala had taken over 400 lives and left over a million people displaced from their homes.

Residents of The Lakes Community, the girls baked and sold nearly 200 vanilla cupcakes after visiting more than a hundred households in the Lakes and Meadows Community over a period of two weeks. “They went from door-to-door giving residents the cupcakes in exchange of Dh5,” explained Megha. “In some cases, donors gave the girls up to Dh20 per cupcake because they were emotionally moved by what the girls’ were doing.”

The idea for the sale came about after the parents discussed the scale of the damage caused by the floods in Kerala with their daughters. “My husband’s family is from Kerala. We were discussing if everything was okay and what we can do to help,” said Megha.

“The girls asked if we were doing anything to help, and we said we were going to send money to the relief fund. They wanted to contribute to the cause in some way,” added Megha. “They came up with many ideas, but finally settled on a cupcake sale,” said Megha.

Krishaana said: “We would bake a fresh batch of about 12-24 cupcakes every day. We went from house to house in different communities in the Meadows. My mum, nanny and sister helped bake the cakes. I felt really great about helping people who are in need.” Meanwhile, Miraaya said: “It felt good to sell the cupcakes for a good cause. I felt happy and proud about being able to help.”