Group Rises People’s Hope on COVID 19 Pandemic

Image of COVID19 virus
Image of COVID19 virus

The “Know COVID19” team has risen the hope of many Nigerians on the covid 19 pandemic. The team that consists of volunteers from different fields is set to ensure that Nigerians are well informed and take precautionary actions to stay safe from contracting COVID 19.


According to the co-founder of the team, Abdul Hakeem Abdul Kareem, the team is established “to ensure the provision of adequate, relevant, reliable and relatable information on COVID 19 in Nigeria and across Africa. The group is also set to debunk fake news and providing safety, health and precautionary tips that could help people stay safe and protected in this pandemic period.”

In addition, the team is also making sure that relevant and reliable data on the pandemic are available for future reference and for scholarly use by researchers.

“Beyond tackling fake news, we are gathering data on cases, perceptions, emotions and other relevant variables on the Coronavirus. We engage in Matrix mapping of confirmed cases to build clusters of susceptible individuals and assist in flattening the curve. We are also building a database of information that could help researchers and scholars during and after this outbreak.”


In the report issued by the group, a message of hope was given to the populace on the Corona Virus pandemic. According to the team, increased number of discharged Corona Virus patients in Nigeria and across Africa should give a ray of hope that the virus will be contained from having huge damage on Africans.

“Statistical trends of the pandemic give more hope than despair. Globally, the rate of recovery is high. In Nigeria, one (1) out of Thirty-Two (32) people that contracted the virus dies. Also, global report about the pandemic revealed that one (1) out of 163 people that contracted the virus dies. Nigeria is beginning to record more recoveries. Currently, 70 people have recovered from the virus as of 11th April, 2020, and some of the recovered victims are giving hope to others. ”

“Like the Ebola Pandemic, COVID-19 met Africa, and the world unprepared. Though lessons learnt from the Ebola pandemic assisted many countries, like Nigeria to swing into swift action, despite the unavailability of stuff, staff, space and systems in Africa, the impact of COVID-19 is still mild. Africa currently has total deaths of 717 victims.”