Iraqi PM Al-Abadi says ISIS not defeated


Haider Al-Abadi, the Prime Minister (PM) of Iraq has warned that the war on Islamic State (ISIS) has not been won in spite the victory recorded against the group in the country.

Al-Abadi gave the warning at a news conference on the sidelines of a climate summit outside Paris, three days after Iraq declared victory over the Islamic State group.

He said that the group’s extremists might “erupt again somewhere else” without international cooperation in combatting the militants.

According to Al-Abadi “we have managed to break them” in Iraq, but he added that it’s a worry for everyone that ISIS has “this unfortunate ability to recruit young people very quickly.”

He said there must be an effort to “remove their grassroots in the region.”

The PM called for continued international cooperation in training Iraqi forces and providing logistical and intelligence support.

Al-Abadi declared victory in the more than three-year fight against ISIS in a national address Saturday.