Majlis Khuddam donates food, other items to inmates


Nigeria correctional service, Agodi, Ibadan, benefitted from donation of 150 plates of cooked food, 1 carton of detergent soap and 3 packets of toothpaste by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization popularly known as Majlis Khuddam.

The state president, Mr. Hussein Muftaudeen while making the donation on Thursday at the Agodi correctional yard, Ibadan, said the gesture was in fulfillment of the organizations mandate of community service. The motto of our parent body, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is ‘love for all and hatred for none’ and are known for substantive humanitarian service worldwide, he said.

Muftauden also noted that the inmates of the correctional service are part of the vulnerable segment of the society which needs help time and often. We are known for constant visitation to this yard on monthly basis with gift items but this particular donation is due to the rising cost of commodities during this covid-19 period and as well as ongoing Ramadan fasting.

As a voluntary uniformed youth group, we understand that the larger percentage of the inmate fell into the age bracket of youth and these visitations, we hope shall make them thread the path of reformation after serving their respective term, Mftaudeen said.

MKAN is lthough, a faith based organization, we contribute in other areas such as a project called Stop the Crime campaign, Voluntary blood donation, community service development etc. Further information on our organization can be found in our website;

Receiving the items, the service welfare team appreciated the constant visitation by Majlis khuddam and underscored the importance of voluntary and humanitarian service.