Muslim Youths Sensitize Public on Peaceful Coexistence

Participants at the Ride for Peace Exercise
Participants at the Ride for Peace Exercise

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization (Majlis Khuddam) has called on all and sundry to embrace peace and true unity for nation building.

The body made this call during one of her Annual programme tagged ‘Ride for Peace’. The programme was held on the 10th of November, 2019. This activity took place same time all over the country.

‘Ride for Peace’ is an annual event which started in 2016 as part of lined up activities to celebrate the centenary of their parent body of the youth organization, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Nigeria. Moreover, the body held the exercise to sensitize members of the public on the importance of peaceful coexistence in nation building. Also, to encourage health and fitness activities among members.

Youths in the age bracket of 15-40, including young boys less than 15 years rode bicycles through certain areas in the city centres. They all rode in a customized vests and with a motive of spreading the message of peace, tolerance and unity. They also distributed hundreds of tracts about peace.

In an interview with the national president of the Islamic Voluntary Youth Organization, Engr. Aina Saeed who rode in Oyo State. Aina said ‘we should demonstrate the peaceful nature of Islam to all. At the back of our vest, you will see “Love for all, Hatred for None” which is one of the fundamental principles of Islam”.

Furthermore, Aina used the opportunity to call on government to increase effort in areas of youth development. He said that the largest demographics of Nigeria citizens are the youths. Without the youth being developed, the Nation will continue to suffer economic and security challenges.

In addition, he said, “one of the things that trigger the Nations insecurity is our economic status. Particularly, the abandonment of the development of the youths. If focus can be shifted to that, in little time, the challenges of insecurity will be reduced to a barest minimum.”

Aina Saeed Kunleola: National President Majlis Khuddam Ahmadiyya Nigeria
Aina Saeed Kunleola: National President Majlis Khuddam Ahmadiyya Nigeria

He thereby called on his members to continue to preach peaceful coexistence in the spirit of good brotherhood. “We all should endeavour that, we live by the teachings of the Qur’an, deeds of the Holy Prophet Muhammad which was peace at all times and that of the Promised Messiah. Ahmadi Muslims believed in the Promised Messiah as the Imam of the Age. We should also imbibe the spirit of peaceful coexistence and extend this across everybody irrespective of religion, race or colour,” he added.

Similarly, the Oyo state President of the Youth Organization, Muftadeen Hussein, charged the youth to stay focus and engage in beneficial acts for the society at large. ‘We should redirect our focus into something beneficial. He also said, let the public know the true meaning of Islam and the need for peaceful coexistence’.

The event marked the attendance of the Oyo State Professional Riders’ Association Boss, Coach Lere. Also, a representative of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria; a representative from the Oyo State Agency for Youth Development among others. In addition, the deputy speaker of Rivers state House of Assembly participated in the exercise in Port-Haccourt.

The Ride for Peace exercise of the Majlis Khuddam took place concurrently in Lagos, Oyo, Edo, Abuja, Plateau, Rivers states to mention but a few.