Nigerians React To Dino Melaye’s Arraignment On Stretcher

Melaye brought to court in stretcher

Notable Nigerians from Femi Falani, Senator Ben Murray Bruce, Barrister Monday Ubani and several others have all reacted to Senator Dino Melaye’s arraignment by the police on a stretcher.

Senator Melaye who claimed to have broken his legs when the police came to arrest him has being hospitalised since his travail with the police started.

The senator who represent different things to different people has divided opinion along several lines among Nigerians.

Some Nigerians who spoke with PMNEWS have these to say:


“It could be true that Dino Melaye is ill as purported but the probability of me believing it is completely zero. We have observed a precedence of those accused by EFCC for fraud and when arrested, they suddenly become ill.

Fani Kayode, Diezani, Andrew Yakubu, Umar Dikko, Kingsley Kuku, Olisa Metuh and several others did same and now Dino. The frustrating reality is that the charges levied against all of these people have been dropped or somehow swept under the Aso Rock carpet because they were sick.

“I am not convinced that Dino is truly ill. He is just playing to the gallery while trying to woo the sympathy of Nigerians towards his plights.

“One never knows, this may just be one of his several theatrics to evade arrest and avoid being prosecuted”.


“Dino is just playing to the gallery. I’m not saying he’s guilty of all the allegations against him. However, there have been several deliberate attempts on his part to truncate proceedings against him. If we can recall, there was an attempt by the Police to arrest him at a burial function but they were prevented by the security details attached to the Senate President Bukola Saraki who was also at the same event.

“This latest ploy by Dino refusing to get off the stretcher, I strongly believe is another move to frustrate the security agencies from carrying their duties. It has nothing to do with his health as he was given a clean bill of health by the Medical officer at the Abuja Hospital where he was”


“Apart from Dino’s controversy, its awkward the way this government is being run.

Dino jumped out of a moving vehicle with the arm of killing himself.
So he is really sick. He is not faking anything”.


“Some many things seem unrealistic. Why would a senator allegedly innocent of the allegations attempt to commit suicide? Some quarters say he’s trying to escape the wrath of Gov. Yahaya Bello.

“What he did in my opinion is silly and irresponsible no matter the state of things. What he should have done is to face justice and allow the court do its job”.


“I can’t say if he is or if he is not. I don’t know anything about his personal health”.

If anybody wants to base his/her argument on the fact that some politicians claim to be sick whenever they have court case, then that person need to present concrete evidence.


“I’m not an expert in this Matter but i think he is feigning illness to attract public sympathy. it looks like an extension of the subtle political battle between the executive and legislative. Both house are not speaking on the allegations that Dino was mentioned as the supplier of arms to armed robbers”.


I respect Senator Dino Melaye so much for his uprightness and integrity. If he said he’s sick, then he is. There’s really no need to doubt that.


“Sincerly, i think Senator Dino went too far acting sick.
And if at all he is really sick, definitely can’t be to that extent.
Its unfortunate that I seems to like him base on the way he sees things in the house. He is an outspoken Senator who has has stepped on toes right from day one”