Olawuyi Urges African Journalist to Adopt China Pattern

Dr Bisi Olawuyi
Dr Bisi Olawuyi of the Department of Communication and Language Arts

A lecturer in the University of Ibadan, Dr Bisi Olawuyi has called on African media operators and journalist to follow the pattern of constructive journalism as practised by China media operators and journalists.

He made this call during the first Faculty Lecture of the Faculty of Arts held on the 10th of December at room 32 in the faculty. The lecture which was the first in the 2018/2019 academic session was titled “Can News Also Be Made in China?”.

Audience at the lecture
Section of audience listening to the lecture

Olawuyi who is of the Department of Communication and Language Arts asserted that “we all know that almost everything is made in China”, so it is important to know if news as every other things can also be made in China.

He said, contrary to the western media pattern of news reportage where focus is given to negative news as it has been commoditised, the China media and journalist give focus to the reportage of positive and developmental news and also report all news from positive angles.

Olawuyi posit that African journalist and media operators can also learn from this pattern of news reportage and emulate it to give room for positive news in the media space. He said if the constructive journalism patter can be adopted, then we can conclude that news can be made from China.

The seminar which was held after almost two years of interregnum was last delivered by Dr Olayinka Egbokare of the Department of Communication and Language Arts.

At the lecture were Emeritus Mrs Odejide of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, the Dean of the faculty, Professor Oladosu, the Head of Department, Communication and Language Arts, Professor Ayobami Ojebode and Professor Akin Odebunmi of English Department. Other guest at the lecture were Dr Babatunde Ojebuyi, Dr Blavo of Classics Department, Dr Wole Oladapo and other lecturers from the department of Communication and Language Arts and other departments in the faculty.

In his remark, Professor Oyewo, the chairman of the faculty lecture committee thanked the Dean of the Faculty for bringing back the Faculty Lecture. In addition, he thanked all members of staff and students who had come to listen to the lecture.

“We have planned to have three of lectures every session and the other two for the session would be held before the end of the 2018/2019 academic session”, he said. Professor Oyewo also stated that guests would be invited from other faculties within the University and outside the University to give lecture in subsequent series.